Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

Dean has taught at many levels of education, from primary to post-graduate; he has also helped teachers to develop their subject knowledge.
An experienced speaker and trainer, Dr Conrad is available for lecturers, seminars, workshops and training sessions.

Subjects taught include:


Research & Study Skills
Academic Essays
Scholarly Discourse and Presentation

Reading Screen Texts
Dissecting Plays

Public Speaking
Shakespeare in Performance
Theatre Skills
Drama Workshops
From Page to Stage


Creative Writing

American Movies and Culture
Science Fiction Cinema
Women on Screen
US and UK Cinema Architecture and Exhibition
Hollywood: Art & Industry
Theatre History

Dean's PhD thesis is entitled, "An Assessment of the Development of the Female in Commercial Science Fiction Film", so naturally, he has plenty to say about that too.
[PhD Thesis (1998). As Dean Turner. Hull University Library T/H 1998 Ph.D. T9]

Bespoke classes and courses can be devised to meet the needs of students and staff at many levels of education.

Please contact Dean with your questions and requirements.