An original screenplay
by Dean Conrad

An English classic
with an American twist.

England, 1811/12: King George is mad; Napoleon wages war with Europe; America declares war on Britain; the British government is corrupt; and its Prime Minister is assassinated.

Meanwhile, back in Meryton...

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Pride & Prejudice
from the men's perspective.

England, 1811/12. What are the men of Pride & Prejudice doing when they're not on Jane Austen's page?

IN WANT OF A WIFE answers this question with Dean Conrad's sideways look at this classic novel:

~ What do Darcy and Bingley do when they're not pursuing Bennet sisters?
~ What brings them to Meryton in the first place?
~ How does Darcy persuade his lovelorn friend to leave again?
~ Is there another woman for Darcy?
~ Why is Darcy's estranged brother back in town?
~ And just how do they silence their aunt, Lady Catherine, for good?


IN WANT OF A WIFE is a fun, wry and witty drama with an original plot that intersects Pride and Prejudice at key points in Austen's narrative.

It is designed to work as a stand-alone story for those not familiar with the novel, but laced with references for those who are.

Dean's screenplay introduces new characters and develops familiar ones. It looks at favourite scenes from new perspectives, illuminates unwritten moments from the novel, and imagines Darcy's dramatic confrontations with the likes of George Wickham, Lady Catherine ~ and his American half-brother, Tobias Adams.


When Darcy's American half-brother, Tobias Adams, arrives in England with important news, the proud, stuffy Englishman refuses to have anything to do with him.

But war with the newly-independent United States is looming, placing the joint Adams/Darcy family estates under threat.

Darcy is now forced to work with his brother to save his country seat of Pemberley from American mercenaries.

Darcy's cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, initiates a hunt for the Pemberley deeds, while Bingley rents a safe-house in Hertfordshire ~ where he soon falls for the local beauty...


...Meanwhile, Darcy's old nemesis, George Wickham, has acquired the Pemberley deeds and threatens to strike a deal with the American mercenaries.

Darcy's task is now simple: find Wickham, recover the deeds, save Pemberley, negotiate with the British Prime Minister, evade Lady Catherine, resist killing his own brother, and rescue his friend Bingley from himself ~ and the perils of matrimony!

But things become complicated when Darcy himself begins to fall in love.

The Englishman tries to resist, but surely a single man in possession of a good fortune must be
in want of a wife...?


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